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Most flexible stems are actually “semi-flexible,” with the stem cables sheathed in plastic, which adds durability and stiffness.U-STEM U-stem units (each has a cable stem bent into a U shape) are flexible and protect the trigger mechanism and wires, increasing durability, since these are the cam parts that will eventually wear out.“We work together well, and we look for common ground.” It’s quite an irony that the U. Senate was once known for having the worst vestiges of a private men’s club: unspoken rules, hidden alliances, off-hours socializing and an ethic based at least as much on personal relationships as merit to get things done.That Senate — a fraternal paradise that worked despite all its obvious shortcomings — is long gone.

Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat, proposed adding the repeal of the unpopular medical-­device tax.

Senate Agriculture Committee chair Debbie Stabenow suggested pulling revenue from her stalled farm bill. In the hours that followed, those discussions attracted more Senators, including some men, and yielded a plan that would lead to genuine talks between Senate leaders Harry Reid and Mitch ­Mc Connell to end the shutdown.

The ­pieces were all there: extending the debt ceiling and reopening the government with minor adjustments to the ­implementation of Obamacare. “The women are an incredibly positive force because we like each other,” Klobuchar boasted to TIME as the negotiations continued.

She refrained from partisan blame and proposed a plan to end the crisis. We can legislate responsibly and in good faith.” Senate Appropriations Committee chair Barbara Mikulski, a Maryland Democrat, happened to be standing nearby, and she soon picked up a microphone and joined in. “I think it is pretty sensible.” As with most anything that happens on C-SPAN, the burst of bipartisan vibes was meant to send a message.

“I ask my Democratic and Republican colleagues to come together,” Collins said on Oct. But behind the scenes, the wheels really were turning.

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