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If your partner has ADHD, I encourage you to use these seven tips to turn potential challenges into creative ways to grow closer to them and get the love you deserve, when you deserve it! "Mis-communications, unkept promises, impulsive decisions, late arrivals -– these are just a few of the challenges that can arise between couples when one of them has ADHD.I was involved in a relationship with someone who had ADHD. However, there was one situation in which I felt that my partner was totally focused and communicative: when we made love in complete darkness or semi darkness. These challenges are often rooted in differences in vantage points and communication styles.

This is NOT what I thought I would be doing at this point in my life but he has so many other charming qualities (like I am learning that most ADHD afflicted do).

Ironically, most of my adult life, the roles were reversed.

I was with responsible men who had "done things right".

However, like everybody else, people with ADHD are very self-conscious when it comes to dating.

Not only they would have to try pleasing their dates, they also need to keep their behavior in check.

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