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The food aversions and nausea is getting worse today...

Firstly she nastily said to me "take off your shoes before you get up on my bed".

I know that the scan has limitations but the way she spoke to me, I feel was wrong and I also know it would be highly unlikely for a baby to survive if born at 22 weeks but I don't know why she said it because I haven't had any problems with the pregnancy so nothing has happened to suggest this might be a possibility. I am public and on the Domino scheme and can't get through to any of the midwives on the phone today. You've had no problems with the pregnancy, everything will be absolutely fine, keep the faith.

It shouldnt matter if you are public or private - no woman should be treated like that particularly at a time when you are looking for some reassurance. And each week that goes by your LO just getting bigger and stronger.

She turned the screen to me briefly and showed me a few things before finishing up.

I asked her if all looked ok and she said, "Structurally everything seems to be as it should be, but that doesn't mean the baby doesn't have down's or a whole host of other abnormalities, the scan has limitations".

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