Deeper dating boston did ryan buell dating katrina

There are large Irish and Italian populations in Massachusetts and everyone in the Bay State benefits from the cultures of both, hence why Massachusetts is THE destination for St.

For example, you won’t catch a Bay Stater watching a Jets game simply because no one in Massachusetts would ever dare “cheat” on Tom Brady. There is always something to do in Massachusetts, meaning that when you date a Bay Stater, you will never, ever be bored again. Tell us the best thing about dating someone from Massachusetts in the comments below!Massachusetts is known for its beautiful, crisp autumns, making it a great place for cuddly couples.From September to November, you’ll be non-stop leaf peeping, cuddling under flannel blankets, drinking hot chocolate, and snuggling together in your matching wool socks.Plus, Bay Staters loved the Red Sox through years of world series losses during the Curse of the Bambino. When it comes to dates, they’re all about the “candlepin bowling and ice cream with jimmies” kinda date. Massachusetts literally has something for everyone: beaches, bike paths, big cities, small towns, sporting events, concerts (umm… Basically, when you’re dating a Bay Stater, you’re their Tom Brady.

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