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I volunteer, but children and their parents are beyond a 15-year age difference and not the most socially-compatible people with me.While I had a very busy social life while attending classes, I don't have one at all anymore.I also know 5 other people, friends and aquaintances, who used pof and ended up in long term relationships with someone they met off the site. I didn't start using pof because I'm incapable of meeting guys in the real world, I started using it so I could meet different guys than I would be likely to run into and meet in the real world, whether because they live in a different area of town, or have different hobbies and favourite hangouts than my friends and i do.OP, you say that you've gone through hundreds of pics of girls then crossed them off your list of potentials based on their profiles, but have you tried doing it the other way around?Do a search for picture-less profiles that interest you, message them a few times, then ask for a photo.You may be surprised, not all of the girls who don't put up pictures are trolls, some of them are quite attractive, I've been extremely plesantly surprised in the past by doing it that way. 4 days isn't very long though, the first time I was on here it took me 6 months, the second time it took me 2 months, so have patience!My social interaction is entirely through the telephone and now internet webforums.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... So if you're "holding out" for "the one" - stop it right So, as I have found out, you have to be very savy and aware of what is really going on! "In dating terms those can be translated this way:"Have you ever had a girlfriend? ""How long has it been since you last had a girlfriend? The only reason why I spent nearly 2 years on this site, is because unlike some, I'm not here to look for Mr.It was pretty clear she hadn't read my profile at all judging by what she was saying to me and then she asked me how long I've been out of a relationship, to which I replied "I've never been in one" and then she sodded off. Right and build a relationship through some silly free online dating site.If I thought you'd take it seriously or not flame me for it I'd also suggest lowering your standards and going for girls with so-so pictures and great profiles, but I'm not naive enough to believe you'd take that bit of advice. I finished my degree and moved here recently and basically don't know anybody in town.While I do work, I have no co-workers (it's a very independent job) and with my studies I mostly work with professors/instructors.

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