Evan lysacek dating anna

In a pre-recorded video segment ahead of their cha cha cha to Prince's Kiss, her grandmother Katherine Frederick said Scherzinger had a very 'humble upbringing', spending her early years living in a small house in Hawaii with 10 children and two grandchildren.

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She said: 'I did feel like the ugly ducking because I didn't look like anyone else.'Earlier in the show, Scherzinger and Hough moved judge Carrie Ann Inaba to tears with their tango.When I compete I wear tights and short figure skating dresses with my...I am a figure skater myself and i have been since i was three! If a skater places lower than third they will be awarded with a ribbon fourth, fifth , or sixth ribbon.As she dashed backstage to hear the scores, Scherzinger planted a quick kiss on Hamilton's lips, as well as her mother and grandmother.Scherzinger and Hough were joint top of the leader board last night with Olympian figure skater Evan Lysacek and his partner Anna Trebunskayay, who received 29 and 30 for their foxtrot and Paso Doble respectively.

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