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With my rather flushed face and the cloying perfume of arousal that wafted from beneath the tiny leather skirt I was wearing, there seemed little point in denying it.I can do it for longer and in more horrible ways than any man when I strap on one of my many speciality accessories! I think I am the Number One mistress of about eighteen gentlemen of wealth and power, all of whom would have me killed…..probably very slowly……if I was stupid enough to even suggest that they had any connection with POP. And there was a section below decks I was forbidden to enter.(Not all cruises I had taken had included anything wicked happening in the secret quarters, but Karl had assured me he had seen things when I was not present). I mean, suppose I saw a small boat and pulled alongside. " Well, perhaps you may have a slight idea how relieved I was, and how terribly embarrassed at the same time.I flew to Greece and was met at the airport to be whisked down the old port and transferred to our yacht. In fact, it seemed almost as though there was a distinct lack of female company. I had one of the crew unpack my cases and he was helping me put clothes away when Daddy walked in my cabin. But not one of those ordinary Swiss finishing school products, eh ? Very difficult to do anything about it, though." I confess, I had not the vaguest idea what he was talking about. Who do you think would do anything if I boarded her and robbed the occupants ? So much that I started laughing, too, though I didn't know why. How does a sixteen going on seventeen-year-old virgin start to talk to her father about being a Lesbian and enjoying sadism ?And on my seventeenth birthday, I had a present rarely if ever bestowed on a teenager before. By the way she enjoyed sex with me, they could have been right. I was almost heartbroken when I received the letter from my father instructing me to meet the yacht at Pireas….. I would rather have stayed at school and continued my wonderful love sessions with Carenia ! I know you and Karl have watched Edrich and I playing games……I know you like it, thank God.But it did mention that we would be picking up Karl and his parents from Cyprus, so I realized there might be a bit of that really naughty stuff to enjoy………. I want to let you know why we do it…..everything….!

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Spending rather excessive amounts of cash until Daddy puts his foot down.

Being an awful tease to the boys, or, in my case, treating them more as friends because I found the idea of making love much more exciting if it could be with a woman.

I was rather interested in the idea of seeing another naked girl, and not really concerned about father whipping her…..a youthful "whatever turns you on" attitude, perhaps.

Doing anything like the acts featured in these stories would be insane and unforgivable, but in the mind, terror can be fun…fun that includes wild, disgusting, savage cruelty, insane torture and deaths. I.slipped my hand between my legs and had to do a little re-adjustment to the fabric of my panties where it had become rather wet and uncomfortable. If we are both turned on by a pretty bitch bleeding for us, we satisfy the lust in our loins by either fucking or enjoying mutual oral relief. we provide wealthy sadists of either sex with male or female companions they can use to inflict pain upon, everything from a man who lets a cruel lady drip hot candle wax on his cock before he fucks her to a teenage runaway who can be butchered, cooked, and eaten at a gala torture feast. I went to a very expensive Swiss school for young ladies, and I had about five "mothers" as Daddy somehow lost or divorced each one for a new model.

My part in the present interrogation was to help Karl, the chief male assistant, adjust the machinery or re-fix the captive in whatever way the client requested. Like me, he gets most of his sexual satisfaction from witnessing or actually inflicting torture to young women.

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