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It’s not a terrible place but there are a number of other cities that I personally prefer.Everyone has their own opinion, but one thing is for sure. But most languish indoors, prevented from the kind of free-form exploratory play human children have enjoyed for thousands of generations. What physical skills —basic human abilities—will they lack? The recent complaint from an Army general illustrates this nicely: New recruits are so terrible at throwing grenades that they’ve nixed the requirement for graduation altogether. Throwing on a regular basis when your brain is still developing establishes stronger neural pathways that persist into adulthood. Hell, the ability to lead a target, to subconsciously triangulate all the variables and figure out where to throw in order to hit the running antelope (or streaking wide receiver) is human. We have those long arms, hyper mobile shoulders, upright postures, big brains, and powerful posterior chains that allow us to generate incredible power on and accuracy with our projectiles. There were multiple ways to scale a chain link fence. A short romp can go for as little as 50 Ringgit though most women ask for more. That’s a concise overview of what I know about Kuala Lumpur.I’ve said here before that it’s not among my favorite cities in the world to visit, which is probably why I’ve taken so long to post this report.

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Someone published this list of sexy massage parlors in Kuala Lumpur back in 2010 but I can’t vouch for its accuracy.There are also quite a few ladyboys around at this time.The women stand on the sidewalks and wait for guys to approach them or give them “the look.” Few will approach men who walk through at full speed and look uninterested but a handful can be slightly aggressive at times. A do know of a few in the city where extras may be available from the hostesses if the vibe (and money) is right. Another is Emico on the 2nd Floor of 149 Lorong Loke Yew. Last but not least are the low cost around town that are apparently set up to service those with very little cash to spend and shopping mall food courts where some women from mainland China look for clients. The former are tucked out of the way and among the least hygienic places of this sort to be found anywhere and the latter seem to require Chinese language skills to navigate.And it’s not just a strength thing, although I’d imagine that’s often a problem. It’s why learning languages and riding bikes “sticks” more when you do it as a kid. Twenty thousand years ago, we carried foraged and hunted food incredible distances on a regular basis. My favorite was going head first and flipping over onto my feet followed closely by perching along the top and jumping down. Two thousand years ago, we wore a hundred pounds of kit on months-long military campaigns. But their attention is elsewhere, and I think it’ll come back to bite them in the future. Can’t recall the last time I saw a kid climb a fence, let alone a tree. What I’m interested in is the ability and confidence to just get over barriers.

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