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Wastling (2009) in Evans and Loveluck, (Life and Economy at Early Medieval Flixborough, Volume 2), discusses net weights and notes that their form changes very little through time, making them…

The length is 37mm, the width is 19mm and the combined weight 137.78g.

Lead alloy button dating from the post-medieval period, that is the 16th-17th century.

The button is domed circular and a straight casting line on the reverse. The domed obverse is decorated with a moulded cross and moulded lines. The fragment is well-defined and shaped, and is bare of clothing following Classical styles.

Late Early Medieval to early Post Medieval, cast lead alloy or lead, biconical weight, probably a spindle whorl or net weight.

Decorated with the same basic pattern on each face.

One face is decorated with a series of lines forming a diamond that run from the perforation to the rim.The spindle whorl is sub circular in shape, and lentoid in section.One face is decorated with a series of lines of rays that run from the perforation to the rim.As the rest of the figurine is missing it is very difficult to accurately date.There is a possibility that it is Roman, however the level of preservation and what appear to be tiny traces of black paint suggest that it is more likely to be C16th or C17th.

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