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They got out the defibrillator and checked his vital signs, but he had gone.Sharon told the they were only four days into their long-awaited holiday with friends when tragedy struck."Mark went fishing again and they go out for miles and miles, about waist deep, so he was out fly fishing which was his passion.

Approximately 2000km southeast of Australia in the Pacific Ocean, for the size of the country, the diversity of landscape is astounding.I knew this was coming, I knew he would go a long time before me but I didn't quite expect it so soon." Originally from the Bay of Plenty with family in Tauranga, Auckland and Australia, Mark Salmons had spent most of his life fishing, was passionate about hunting. When we found him he still had the fishing rod in his hand.The pair had been in Queenstown for many years and both were heavily involved with the Southern Lakes Deerstalking Club. "He went in the most beautiful place doing what he loved and he wouldn't have wanted it any other way." The couple met internet dating about nine years ago, before getting married three years ago.A personal locator beacon was triggered and they frantically dragged him back to firm land to carry out CPR.The local rescue helicopter was in the area and was diverted to the scene, arriving on the shore before they'd made it back with Mark's body.

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