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On a funerary altar in Napoca the sign of the cross was carved inside the letter "O" of the original pagan inscription of the monument, and pagan monuments that were later Christianized were also found at Ampelum and Potaissa.For the period from the 9th to 11th centuries, in the regions from the East of Carpathians there are known more than 52 discoveries of Christian origin (moulds, brackets, pendants, groundsels, pottery with Christian signs, rings with Christian signs), many of them locally made; some of these discoveries and the content and the orientation of graves show that local people practised the Christian burial ceremony before the Christianization of Bulgars and Slavs.The Orthodox Church and the Romanian Church United with Rome were declared national churches in 1923.The Communist authorities abolished the latter, and the former was subordinated to the government in 1948.

However, the brothers Peter and Asen built a church in order to gather Bulgarian and Vlach prophets to announce that St Demetrius of Thessaloniki had abandoned their enemies, while arranging their rebellion against the Byzantine Empire.

From the 15th century the four Eastern patriarchs and several monastic institutions in the Ottoman Empire also received landed properties and other sources of income, such as mills, in the two principalities.

Wallachia in particular became a leading center of the Orthodox world, which was demonstrated by the consecration of the cathedral of Curtea de Argeș in 1517 in the presence of the Ecumenical Patriarch and the Protos of Mount Athos.

Early medieval artefacts decorated with Christian symbols from Romania: 1 Barboși (Galați) 3rd–4th c., 2 Ruginoasa (Iași) 6th–8th c., 3 Botoșna (Suceava) 6th–8th c., 4 Borniș (Neamț) 6th–8th c., 5 Iași 9th–11th c.

The same is true for the Christian denominations of the main Christian holidays: Crăciunul ("Christmas") (from Latin calatio or rather from Latin creatio) and Paștele ("Easter") (from Latin Paschae); and also for the invocations to the deity: per deu(m) – zău! According to a concurring scholarly theory, the Romanians' ancestors turned to Christianity in the provinces to the south of the Danube (in present-day Bulgaria and Serbia) after it was legalized throughout the Roman Empire in 313.

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