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Cooper relies on a reporting tool, accessible from either HES or Worry-Free Advanced, to find out how many viruses Trend Micro has detected.

“I can upload an email with a virus to Trend Micro’s FTP site, and they will write new definitions quickly so our other customers aren’t affected by the virus,” said Cooper.

He can also use the tool to view the last 13 days of emails, which makes it easy to answer customer questions and determine if a missing email was blacklisted, deleted or quarantined.

HES offers flexibility to Micro Consultants’ customers.

They can also put systems at risk for viruses and malware, especially when attachments are downloaded.

Some elect to automatically delete spam; others use the popular quarantine feature.

Trend Micro quarantined as many as 500 messages a week for one customer.

To keep the server running effectively, the customer only used HES to hold emails and protect them from attack. Micro Consultants enjoys a stellar reputation with customers, thanks in part to the combined capability of Worry-Free Advanced and HES to dramatically reduce spam, viruses, and malware originating in email.

“Our customers were experiencing about four virus infections a week before we switched to Trend Micro.

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