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But um my label heard it and was like we're putting that out.

I kinda shelved it for like 3 months and never even thought that it was going to be a single.

And uh, then one time I was just goofing around and played it for my record label president and he goes "well thats your first single" (laughing) Taylor: And I'm like well Tim: Well you can write songs about me anytime, Taylor.

I mean, I never really kinda went into this writing session on I'm gonna write a song called Tim Mc Graw. And its kinda like a given one of all my friends ya know that my favorite songs are Tim Mc Graw songs. And ya know, the funny thing is that I shelved this song for like 3 months and never never even played it for anybody, never even demoed it. You're just doing great and uh congratulations very exciting for you. Tim, when are you gonna start like bringing out opening acts again?

He had dated Valeisha Butterfly and even proposed to her one day. At the beginning of summer 2006,the couple parted ways. Theyconfess that their love happened to them at first sight.

Tell me- Taylor: Could you tell Faith that I said hello? DJ: So I- So I understand that you two guys have not talked. (laughing) Tim: Well I'm glad ya did cuz um it's doing well for ya. He has been also nominated for a Grammy Award twice, as well as for several others. In what TV shows has participated during the recent years?

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